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For each edition of the New Plains Review, we receive countless submissions from writers and artists all across the world. And with each edition, we are never disappointed with the total mastery of imagination, creativity, and craftsmanship that we witness from what we receive. We are proud of the imagination and creativity of the artists and writers whose works we have displayed in this journal, and we are pleased to present to you the Fall 2015 Edition of the New Plains Review. Buy New Plains Review: Fall 2015 here. The story begins …

Goddess guide and protect me. That is what Diana prayed, in her own manner of prayer. “Diana doesn’t believe,” Roan accused her at the campus dining hall. That was before Roan moved out of their dorm room to live off-campus with Jack. Before each meal, in that most public of places, Roan insisted they hold hands, close their eyes and pray. Out loud. If Diana, always ravenous, started to eat, Roan seized her hand across the table. If Diana ignored her or pulled away, Roan prayed anyway.

Read the full story “Caryatid” in New Plains Review. See the full story here.

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