Autobiography of a Day by Kirie Pedersen in superstition [review]

Kirie Pedersen new story "Autobiography of a Day" in superstition [review]Autobiography of a Day

Kirie Pedersen
Kirie Pedersen


Today, this room becomes mine. More, this room becomes me. This yellow-painted room, my color because fifteen years ago I read a book, and when the heroine began again from nothing, her room began with her, sunshine yellow. It is the largest room I have lived in for a year now. For a year, I have lived in Mexico, and now I must decide how to begin my life again. It may be a long time before I again live in so large a room, so yellow a room; never!

Yet this room is not mine. My sister Rosa says I usurped it from her. She says I have commandeered everything she has ever done or said.

“Don’t make me your confidant,” she says. “I’m tired of being your trained seal.” I dance in horror like a bull fighter, like Miguelangel, the bull fighter I stayed with in Mexico. He practiced for that day’s battle with his blanket and broom sword. My heart pounds. Blood streams down my legs. The blood tells me I am not pregnant with the baby of Miguelangel Anguiano. Yes, I stole that lover from Rosa. Or she stole him from me.

Or he stole us from each other.

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