Kirie Interviewed on Writing and Life

Kirie at Pulali, Washington
Kirie at Pulali, Washington

T.L. Sherwood interviews Kirie about her story Sex For Groceries that appeared in r.kv.r.y quarterly literary journal. Kirie talks about her creative process and personal experiences that compel her writing.  Excerpt:

TLS: What–or who–inspires you to write?

KP: I love the physical feeling of writing. I love writing with freshly-sharpened  Palamino Blackwing pencils. I love writing with fountain pens. I sort of love to type, though I can’t quite associate that with story. Sometimes, although I’m pretty shy socially, I like telling stories aloud in some formal venue, every eye and face in a group gazing back into my eyes, faces and bodies open and expressive.  Even before I could write, I drew what I called picture stories, endless frames of girls with horses, usually. And before I could draw, I told dream stories. “That little voice talks  to me, Mother, and gives me the dream.” Or so it says in my baby book. Read the full interview with Kirie Pedersen in r.kv.r.y quarterly literary journal.

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