Pileated Woodpecker And Sword Fern by Kirie Pedersen

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Excerpt from Kirie’s story in hack writers:

fern“What about marriage?” Helen asked.
“What about it?”
“For all the fuck-ups in my life, I finally met someone,” Helen said.
“Eighth time’s charmed.” Cilla had little faith in Helen’s choices. Most ended up slugging her in the face.
“Three.” Helen shot Cilla the look: jaw dropped, lips pursed, eyes unblinking. “This is only my third. Would be my third. But we’re not talking marriage yet.” Helen loved deflecting attention off herself. “And what about you?”
“I’m happy on my own.”
“You’re the strongest person I know. Someone’s going to come along.”

Read the full story Pileated Woodpecker & Sword Fern by Kirie Pedersen in hack writers, a British online magazine.

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