Kirie’s “The Observer” in Emrys Journal

Kirie Pedersen’s short story The Observer is in volume 34 of Emrys Journal. The Emrys Foundation strives to forge a lively community of writers, readers and storytellers. The story begins …

You could tell she loved the students. Once, on one of the rare occasions she visited the faculty lounge, some bearded fellow, that Edmund guy, was holding forth, perhaps to impress Purdo.

“I’m not the type to go jump in the sea for my students,” he said. He looked around the room and then caught the sight of Sahari, the new girl on the block. As usual, she was dressed inappropriately: some kind of tiered white skirt, a white peasant-style blouse with puffy sleeves and ribbons at the neck, and those heavy black boots she wore no matter what. “If you know what I mean.”

Read the full story. Buy Emrys Journal, volume 34, 2017 here.

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