Accommodations by Kirie Pedersen in Bluestem

Read the new story by Kirie – Accommodations in Bluestem. A taste:

Heather, innocent in most regards despite her degree in social work—or perhaps because of it—had no idea how crafty Texans could be. Now the visit loomed—Heather’s first vacation since completing graduate school. The new house still seemed unreal, cluttered with furniture the previous owners left behind and with the combined debris from Danny and Heather’s rentals as college students. The antique rocker Heather had spent months refinishing was piled with Danny’s books. She laughed and Danny held her face in his hands.

“What are you feeling?” he asked.

“It’s all happening so quickly. I mean, I’ve been on my own all these years, and now we’re moving in together. I’m meeting your parents.”

Bluestem, formerly KARAMU, has been published since 1966 and is produced by the English Department at Eastern Illinois University. KARAMU has won several awards from the Illinois Arts Council.  Bluestem is generously funded by grants from the Illinois Arts Council.


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