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the view from here (TVFH) is a print and digital magazine devoted to championing and encouraging the best emerging and developing writers and poets. It also seeks to create an appetite in readers for quality literature. Jiffy, by Kirie Pedersen is the current feature story in ‘the front view,’ the section of the magazine devoted to fiction.

Aimed at the writer, reader and the publishing industry, TVFH emphasizes multiple arts to give a strong visual product with international reach and appeal. The printed and digital magazine is a quality, innovative publication which juxtaposes the emerging with the experienced and includes interviews, original fiction & poetry, book reviews and articles.

“The View From Here is one of the most exciting literary magazines to have appeared since I started out – not only does it have excellent content, a passionate following, but it seems to be right in stride with new developments and constantly looking for ways to be at the forefront of the publishing and literary world.” – Tom Chalmers, Legend Press

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