“Saving Paradise” Now Available in Still Point Arts Quarterly

Kirie Pedersen, Saving Paradise, in Still Point Arts Quarterly

Kirie’s story Saving Paradise will be in the fall 2017 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly.  Here is the preview of the upcoming fall 2017 issue. Feel free to share this widely. It’s a beautiful magazine that should be appreciated in print.

Purchase a print copy here. and share with as many people as you can. If you sign up for updates to Kirie’s blog (top right) we’ll alert you when the story is out in digital so you can read it online.

UPDATE: See a pdf of the story here: Saving Paradise by Kirie Pedersen

Saving Paradise examines Ojai, CA and Port Townsend, WA, two towns unspoiled by big box stores, franchises, and highways. Two towns that are roughly the same size and attract an eclectic mix of artists, environmentalists, spiritualists. It took a lot of hard work, constant vigilance, money, and relentless activism to keep Ojai and Port Townsend free from big development. How did it happen? Read Kirie’s story Saving Paradise. It includes interviews with John Broesamle in Ojai and Michelle Sandoval in Port Townsend.

Saving Paradise, Kirie Pedersen, in Still Point Artists Quarterly

Still Point Arts Quarterly is a truly beautiful and engaging art and literary journal, produced  four times a year.  and feature historical and contemporary art, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. The Quarterly has been praised for its rich and valuable content as well as its splendid layout and design. Intended for artists, nature lovers, seekers, and enthusiasts of all types. A subscription to the interactive digital edition is free to anyone who signs upSubscriptions to the print edition may be purchased as well as single copies of past issues.

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