Jared and the Llamas in Avatar Review

Avatar Review Issue 13

Read Jared and the Llamas, by Kirie Pedersen, in Avatar Review, Number 13.

Avatar Review is an online review that seeks to display the highest quality writing and visual art. Its purpose is to provide exposure to authors and artists and give temporary shelter to their work. Avatar Review provides a forum for writers and visual artists to share in this electronic medium.

Jared and the Llamas
By Kirie Pedersen

From the moment she met Jared, she knew their entire future. It swirled before her eyes: sex, betrayal, longing, and hurt.

In the beginning, he was simply a student in her class.

Later, Jared said he, too, saw their future before him. “What did you see?” Elisa asked.

“This certain place in the middle of your chest,” Jared said. He touched her breast. “Right there.”

“You mean you were a horny kid.”

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